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Luxury on the road
and racing passion
#ThePerfectFit with Bentley

The British GT Championship is kicking off at Oulton Park on the 15th and 17th April and the UK round of the Blancpain GT Championship takes place at Silverstone on the 13th and 14th May after the series begins at Misano on the 1st and 2nd of April. With these great championships commencing, we brought our track-to-road message to life at our Burton PPC with two incredible, yet different, examples of Bentley style, performance and engineering.

First to arrive was an expression of pure performance, embodied by the Continental GT3. Cut not from Bentley luxury cloth, but instead built with the same passion and engineering expertise to achieve excellence on the track, the GT3 is a stripped-back and focused racecar.

Armed with a twin-turbo V8 and 600 bhp, Bentley’s finely-tuned power is set to be connected to the track by our racing P Zero tyres as the GT3 steps into the British GT Championship later this year. Supplied exclusively by Pirelli, the British GT features dozens of incredible production cars, each honed and perfected to compete in a series of races held across the country.

And it’s not just the manufacturers who get to see their creations taken to their ultimate performance conclusions, as Pirelli continues to push the boundaries of tyre performance across a global portfolio of exciting motorsports.

Arriving shortly after was the Bentayga, a luxury SUV like no other. Big Skies blue paintwork, eye-catching design and full leather-trimmed interior made the first, bold statement on the Bentayga’s purpose and significance as one of the latest luxury entrants to Bentley’s multifaceted motoring achievements.

Every detail is designed and manufactured to perfection to fulfil the simple yet ambitious goal of creating a unique, and unmistakably Bentley, luxury SUV. Complementing the unparalleled build quality are Scorpion Verde All Season, which enhance and support a comfortable, luxury experience with stability afforded by a wide contact patch and tailored tread alongside our noise-reduction technology.

The pair were mirrored quite appropriately in their surroundings at the PPC and by Pirelli’s global approach to creating #ThePerfectFit, which ranges from the pinnacle of motor racing to tailor-made tyres for prestige manufacturers. Certainly in both the Bentayga and the GT3 is the DNA of the other, an aspect of each which is the product of Bentley’s long and accomplished history.

This spectrum, from high-end luxury to pure racing passion, draws a close parallel with Pirelli. Lessons learned in creating motorsport tyre innovations are brought to the road to benefit our entire range, from our road P Zero to the Scorpion Verde All Season fitted to the Bentayga itself.

Together these incredible cars, set against the backdrop of our Pirelli Performance Centre, represent something more; a passion for being behind the wheel and for the wealth of experiences made possible by luxury, power and control.

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