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Aventador S Coupé.
Some icons cannot
be re-invented.
They simply evolve.

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The powerful V12 of the Aventador has been beefed up to 740 hp with the addition of extra 40 horsepower. Taming all that power has never been this thrilling. The new  LDVA (Lamborghini Dinamica Veicolo Attiva)  system combines four technologies to control both dynamic axles of the car and establish the perfect driving set-up for all conditions in real time. Like the new system 4 Wheel Steering, the one-of-a-kind combo for controlling the active front axle (with Lamborghini Dynamic Steering set-up) and the rear axle (with Lamborghini Rear-wheel Steering system) to obtain the best dynamic performance. At slow speeds, the front and the rear wheels turn in the opposite directions to virtually reduce the wheelbase to the benefit of agility and peerless cornering. At high speeds, instead, the front and the rear steer in parallel: this virtually increases the wheelbase to guarantee full control of the car and great stability.

With all its power, the car is supported by a new set of Pirelli P Zero tyres specifically developed for the model. Designed to optimise steering, changes of line and braking efficiency, the tyres are engineered to guarantee predictable manoeuvrability and excellent response to driving inputs to make the active technology systems even more efficient. The result is safe and exciting driving of absolute excellence.

Furthermore, the new design enhances the character of the Aventador S Coupé and the refreshed lines increase its dynamism, style and boldness, but above boosts its performance. Every surface was crafted to improve aerodynamics. The new design has increased front downforce by 130% with respect to the first Aventador, while the new side air vents reduce turbulence to improve cooling and increase efficiency.

There is a further factor inside: luxury. Interiors are made with very high quality materials and the infinite variety of choices are complemented by new dashboard instrument graphics.

In short, the letter "S" means innovations galore.

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