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A challenge
among titans…

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Just like in any self-respecting Western, the two duellers will stare each other out at length before they take action: on the one side a Pagani Huayra, one of the most prestigious supercars in the world, comprising over 4,000 parts, without counting the engine and transmission, equipped with P Zero Corsa tyres, tailor-made to guarantee maximum safety and superior performance levels; on the other a  SIAI-MARCHETTI S-211, an Italian trainer aircraft branded Pirelli for the occasion.

The stage for the duel is not a stretch of sand with the scorching sun at zenith, but rather the airport runway at Boulder City, where airport staff can nonetheless feel the electricity in the air.

The pilot and driver climb aboard their respective vehicles, start the engines and take their positions opposite one another; their foot is on the accelerator, all around them time seems to stand still, they warn their adversary, according to the best traditions, that the duel may begin!

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